About me

Who am I
as a professional

Paloma Sánchez-Urdazpal Aguilar

Graduated in Law at Complutense University of Madrid, I have been working for more than 10 years with a broad range of clients, both in the different firms where I developed myself as a professional and once I started my own business.

During the last 7 years I have been specializing in the areas that I now provide at ECO Law Firm, with special focus in the Real Estate Law, having managed more than 400 purchases and sales on behalf of my clients.

I also have a vast experience working with international clients since I speak English and French, languages that I use daily at work.

Who am I as a person

I am a firm believer that the personality of a professional greatly influences the way he / she works and treats his / her clients.

Since childhood, I have had a very strong sense of justice in my personality. I am loyal, sincere and transparent, and I strive for the things that I do to be as fair and good as possible. I also like to analyze and learn from my own mistakes, always trying to do things in the best way possible.

I am a humble, warm as well as an outgoing person and, throughout all my years of experience, I have learnt that these qualities greatly facilitate dealing with my clients and with third parties involved in the matter.

I am a lover of nature, specially animals and notably dogs (I introduce you to my life partner, Rita!). I consider planet Earth a true mother and, therefore, we must take care of her and protect her for everything she gives us, which is not unlimited…

My personal interests and caring have also led me to find a new way to do business. Today’s technology provides many tools that allow me and my firm to be conscious and customer focused and, at the same time, reduce legal fees.

My main goal is to provide, in an eco-friendly way, the best service possible to my clients, treating their legal issues as if they were my own.

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