The Firm

The Firm

ECO Law Firm is more than just a firm, it is a statement. We are a young, modern law firm with an unique simple and ecofriendly perspective. The planet is warning us how urgent it is to take action. There are many small actions we can all do daily with little effort that could have a huge impact on our ecosystem. In ECO Law Firm we are joining our concern as citizens with our experience and professional passion in order to ensure things can be done achieving high standards in a new conscious way.

Moreover, this approach helps us reduce costs in order to focus on a new personal and transparent way of providing legal care. Less consumption, less expenses, therefore, less fees.

How is ECO Law Firm helping?

No office space : a lawyer’s job is 100% compatible with remote working. This reduces our carbon footprint and, at the same time, helps us save in supplies. It also improves our performance, making us more flexible and productive as it helps our team’s work-life balance.

Reducing transportation : with remote working and online tools, transportation for meetings can be avoided most of the time. It also helps if you are living abroad and need our services. Of course, in case you want to meet your attorney in person, we will go wherever you are in the most sustainable way possible (better one car than two!).

– The 3 R rule specially regarding paper usage :

  • Reduce : trying to avoid the use of paper as much as possible thanks to new technologies.
  • Reuse : when paper is needed, we ensure its life is as long as possible.
  • Recycle : Once there are no more uses left, paper is always recycled. A new cycle begins!

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